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Libby Rule

--that's me! I'm a painter and illustrator residing in Kansas City, MO. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Animation from Missouri State University, but I've been painting portraiture since I was 15!

I started wedding painting in June 2021 and have been overwhelmed from the response! But I'm the one who's honored to be there.

I get to capture the commitment of couples to one another,  hear the story of how their relationship began and grew into something amazing, and meet those who love them most. I'm so lucky to be present for these moments-- and even luckier to be given the opportunity to paint them. Everyone's big day is special, and I'm here to help capture that on canvas!!

Fun facts:

I have worked at Cartoon Network!

I was in a year-long flagship internship with them called the Empowerpuff program with 4 other talented artists! I got to go to the studios and was actually in the same room,  voice of Spongebob! We drank from the same coffee pot.

I've done work for the Kansas City Chiefs!

Specifically, a poster for their 2019 Broncos game. The poster featured player Dante Hall, who followed my old Instagram account!

I have a sweet cat named Pancake who my friends have lovingly christened "The Prince of Chaos" or simply, "The Cake." He often likes to try to help me paint and regularly appears on my instagram feed.

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